Insurance Claims Are Complicated. The Adjustment Firm Can Simplify The Process.


When you contact The Adjustment Firm, we can handle your claim from start to finish. We work to make sure you receive the maximum payout for your claim based on the damage to your property.

When you contact us, one of our expert adjusters will listen to your situation and schedule a time to meet and inspect the damage to your property. As a part of that, we'll also review your insurance policy. This will help you understand what your policy covers and your rights as it relates to the claim. If you haven't already, we'll help you start the claim process. We'll submit your claim and include our valuation of your property and the supporting documentation.

After your claim is submitted, we'll work with your insurance company's adjusters and represent your interests and make sure you receive the maximum offer that your policy allows. Once you agree on a settlement, we'll work with the contractors hired to ensure that your property is restored to it's original condition.‚Äč

You Need Experienced Experts On Your Side.
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